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Area Frequencies. (N) - DRIVING UNMARKED SILVER ASTRO VAN.. WILLIAM UNITS WILLOWS RUN (SECURITY - APARTMENTS ? Used for parking shuttle for Redondo store (25250 Pac Hwy S), Town Centre Hardware (Ace) Lake Forest Park, King Co Public Safety - Metro Transit T102 SEA TRANSIT TUNNEL NAC 1F2 CC, King Co Public Safety - Metro Transit T101 NAC1F1 CC, Shuttle Express (Cabs) (Full Duplex System), King County Metro Transit Power & Facilities, (WAS KING COUNTY / VALLEYCOMM - SITE 10) -NEED TO ID SITE, SEATTLE CITY LIGHT Ch.1 (rptr on Crista tower in Shoreline), AMR SOUTH/EAST KING CO DISPATCH - LINKED TO 155.160, SEATTLE CITY LIGHT Ch.2 (BASE SIMULCAST ON 37.58) WNNR521, KIRO (HELICOPTER) *MT.CONS, GUNSITE, GRASS, CAPITAL, QUEEN ANNE, Shuttle Express (Dispatcher) (Full Duplex System), McDonalds Redondo #12763 - Customer and Order taker, ch. 701-702 SECURITY DEPUTIES, KING COUNTY EXECUTIVE 720-725 PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS OFFICE 730-739 PUBLIC WORKS 751-759 KING COUNTY BUSINESS LICENSE INSPECTORS 800 RADIO SHOP TESTING - DO NOT ANSWER 801-819 UNASSIGNED 820-899 KING COUNTY POLICE EMERGENCY SERVICES FOR SEARCH AND RESCUE 900 RADIO SHOP TESTING - ANSWER 902-909 RADIO SHOP Airport Police It supports many forms of digital and trunking and is easy to program. T2 (CWID KON911 - ALSO KOA733), HIGHLAND ICE ARENA (HANDHELDS) - 180TH & AURORA, NE LK WASH SEWER DIST (REPEATED ON 451.0875), WS DNR - So Puget NORTH BEND (151.3925 in), Maple Leaf Portal construction - soil excavation, BP/ARCO Seattle Terminal Ch-02 TRBO modulation, BNSF ch.10 (A/P)(*1=DUMP?) 10-2 good reception. (SAME SHIP AS 461.7625) *INTL TERMINAL CO. ch. Each call to KCSO Communications is answered by a trained Call Receiver who interviews the reporting party to determine response. ), Snoq Summit- Terrain Park, Grooming (West, Central and East/Hyak), SNOQUALMIE VALLEY SCHOOL DIST. (ALSO ON 104.5) DEATH ROCK FORMAT, KTWB-DT (RF ch.25, DTV ch.22) CAPITOL HILL (WB), KWPX-DT (RF ch.32, DTV ch.33) W. TIGER MT. View Kings County, California pistol permit and gun license information, including concealed carry applications, renewals, procedure, eligibility, requirements, waiting period, and fees. Corcoran Police Department Crime Map 914=RPTR ON 915=RPTR OFF *SEA-TAC MAINTENANCE KVH927?? FREQ) (Infrequent CWID WNMN387), Woodland Park Zoo Channel 3 - Open Simplex, Woodland Park Zoo Channel 1 - Calling/Operations, LTS 1 TRUCKERS MOVING STEEL,LUMBER WPDK845, Pike Place Market Security and incoming phone patch. PROBABLY SEATTLE DISPOSAL, US WEST PAGING ch. *US CUSTOMS/INS, *BORDER PTRL-SEATTLE, IWN site 106 control Columbia Center (Bank of America Tower), National WX Service - data bursts ev 12 secs, USFS ch.1 NORTH BEND / WHITE RIVER (LINKED TO 415.XXX), USFS ch.2 MT. ch.3 /SNOWPLOWS, CITY ENGINEERING DEPT @ HALLER LAKE SHOP ch.1 (LINK TG 6544), CITY OF SEATTLE CWID WNBM200 *SEATTLE WASTEWATER, Washington State Convention Center; Ch Unk, KING CO ROAD DEPT ch.1 (NO RX PL) (LINK TG26448), CITY OF MERCER ISLAND - EMERGENCY OPERATIONS, KING COUNTY (PAVING CREWS - FLAGGER HANDHELDS), Port of Seattle KSEA AP Fire/EMS tone-outs, Only CWID, City of Seattle license KFV877, CITY OF SEATTLE *SEATTLE CITY SOLID WASTE (NO RX PL), Washington State Convention Center; Ch-1 Aramark catering, Washington State Convention Center; Ch-5 Traffic Attendants/vehicle movement, Washington State Convention Center; Ch-6 SetUp and Maintenance, KingCo Seattle Site 01 Simulcast Base Station Identifier (CWID), KingCo EPSCA Site 03 Simulcast base station identifier, KingCo Seattle Site 01 Simulcast Alternate, VALLEYCOMM POLICE/FIRE MDTS (MDC4800 PROTOCOL) WPDQ377, KingCo KC/VC Site 17 Regional Justice Center Control, KingCo EPSCA Education Hill primary control, KingCo EPSCA 41 Coal Creek fill-in primary control, KingCo EPSCA Site 40 Education Hill alternate, KingCo KC/VC Site 08 Grass Mtn base station identifier, KingCo KC/VC Site 15 Courthouse Primary Control, KingCo KC/VC Site 11 McDonald Mtn Alternate, KING COUNTY Site 08 (SOBIESKI MT.) There is 1 Police Department per 37,545 people, and 1 Police Department per 347 square miles. 914=RPTR ON 915=RPTR OFF *SEA-TAC MAINTENANCE KVH927?? KUY483, WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES - VESSEL TO TERMINAL PIER 50 (PASSENGER FRY) ch. (N) FARGO 7 FARGO 9 PT TOWNSEND CAFE SEC? CWID EV. Other commitments mean this is not my top priority, ), MED-5 HOLD # FOR D/T? SEARCH & RESCUE REPEATER (KING CO ESAR) - SOBIEKSI MT. METRO WASTE DISPOSAL/TREATMENT PLANT MAINT. Overlake Hospital facilities/maintenance? KCMT is licensed for 10 UHF DMR frequencies that are used for local simplex communications apart from the 700Mhz Phase 2 system. ), MED-5 HOLD # FOR D/T? Find information about Kings County, California Orders of Protection & Restraining Orders including filing protective court orders, temporary restraining orders, domestic violence forms, emergency orders, and dismissals. ch.20 (VERY SHORT TRANSMISSIONS) *UP ARGO YD, FIFE YD, ch.23 *BNSF SEATTLE, *AMTRAK ON-BOARD RADIOS, ch.27 *U.P. *INTL TERMINAL CO. Virginia Mason Medical Center (Capacity+). . ELECTRICIANS. PROVIDIN BASE, ISSAQUAH SCH DIST TRANSPORTATION (NOW ON 461.800), PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SHIP STRAD 11 OPS, MERCER IS. ), SEATTLE CENTER ATC (WHIDBEY APPROACH/DEPARTURE EAST), GROUND CONTROL / CLEARANCE DELIV., OLYMPIA GND CONTROL, BOEING FIELD GROUND CONTROL, *FT. LEWIS GROUND CTRL, FLIGHT SERVICE (RENTON, BOEING FIELD, SEA-TAC), FLIGHT SERVICE (BFI, SEATTLE, ARLINGTON, PAINE FIELD), UNICOM BOEING FIELD, BELLINGHAM, PAINE, OLYMPIA, NARROWS, CREST AIRPORT UNICOM ( & KENT, BURLINGTON, PT. Welcome to Scanner Frequencies - A Police, Fire & EMS radio communications database with around two million radio scanner frequencies spanning the entire United States. Gas service dispatch - King County Eastside. Tuesday night net - Victor units - CERT ? PAGING (CWID KTX390), TAHOMA SCHOOL DIST. 23280 KCPD SouthWest. 2023 County Office. *HOMEDCO *SWEDISH HOSP. ), LAIDLAW TRANSPORTATION (SEATTLE SCH DIST BUSES), North Seattle Community College - Facilities, Thomas Jefferson HS (Fed Way SD) Might be repeated; repeater location unknown, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 REEFER SUPERINTENDANT, PIKE PLACE MARKET SECURITY (A/P *=UP #=DUMP), PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SECURITY ROVER, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 DECKING/BUNDLING CREW, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 WHITE LINE/EMPTY YARD, Metropolitan Park Towers, security (poss gone), Wells-Fargo building, downtown Seattle, security, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 SHIP STRAD 7 OPS, NORTHERN LIFE BUILDING (3RD & SPRING) ch.1, VIACOM CABLE (KING CO DISP.) Mar 15, 2019. PAGING SYSTEM. TOWNSEND), *BOEING FIELD HELICOPTERS, *NOAA, *GOODYEAR BLIMP, *BOEING CO. TEST FLIGHTS, *GOODYEAR BLIMP, BOEING CO. - TEST FLIGHTS AND CHASE PLANES, SEA-TAC APPROACH (12000 FT -> 7000 FT) THEN 133.65, SEATTLE ATC (IFR SEA TO WHIDBEY IS. - LINK TO TG 6448 OR DISPR. King Co. Sheriff precinct map. PUBLIC Police and Fire dispatch in Pierce County Washington, Pierce County Police: Bonney Lake PD, Buckley PD, Edgewood PD, Fife PD, Lakewood PD, Milton PD, Orting PD, Puyallup PD, Puyallup Tribal PD, Sumner PD, Tacoma PD, WSP Pierce and Pierce County Sheriff, Pierce County Fire: Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS. If you'd like to be kept up to date with any potential progress transitioning to the new system, please go to this Police Departments in Kings County, CA are law enforcement agencies that are responsible for policing the Kings County community. 516 3rd Ave, Room W-116 Seattle, WA 98104 (SHOPNBC), NIFOG - VTAC 33 (DEPLOYABLE TACTICAL REPEATER ONLY) - ALTERNATE, NOAA WRC SECURITY (SAND POINT) (A/P #=DUMP) LH=9/2019, WTO - WRK ON WATERFLOW MTR CNTLS *GSA FIRE (AUBURN), GSA - Federal Building - Checking fire alarms/smoke detectors, I.N.S. PUYALLUP CITY POLICE CAR-CAR, PUYALLUP FAIR SECURITY, CITY OF SEATTLE ENGINEERING DEPT. The Kings County Police Records links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Kings County Police Records. Police Scanner Encryption Explained Encryption means no scanner can monitor. Reg Hosp MedCom(463.000) - Airlift NW to Harborview Medic One/trauma doc. KING-DT (RF Ch. METRO WASTE DISPOSAL/TREATMENT PLANT MAINT. Corcoran, OCEAN SHORES? (SECONDARY CONTROL CHANNEL), KingCo KC/VC Site 11 MacDonald Mtn Control, KingCo Seattle Site 16 Sound Transit Tunnel Control, KingCo KC/VC Site 09 Sobieski Mtn Control, ICALL repeater NATL MUTUAL AID CALLING CH (SQUAK MT), ITAC1 repeater *NATL MUTUAL AID (CAMBRIDGE) South King Co, ITAC2 repeater *NATL MUTUAL AID, *WA ST OF (SOMERSET), ITAC4 repeater CRISTA TOWER (SHORELINE), City of Kent: Emergency Community Control (ECC), City of Kent: Mayor/Council (Mayor/Council), City of Kent: Information Tech (IT Control), City of Kent: Human Resources (New Group), City of Kent: Office of the City Attorney (New Group), City of Kent: Economic & Community Development Services, City of Kent: PW Engineer Environmental (ENG Envir1), City of Kent: PW Engineer Survey (ENG Surv 1), City of Kent: PSR VHF Operational Talk Group 1, City of Kent: PSR VHF Operational Talk Group 2, City of Kent: PSR VHF Operational Talk Group 3, City of Kent: PSR West Battalion - Battalion Control, City of Kent: PSR VHF Logistics Talk around, City of Kent: PSR VHF Prevention talk around, City of Kent: PSR Administrative talk around, City of Sammamish Public Works/Special Events, ROSE HILL (LINK TO 145.49 & 441.075), FINN HILL (CAN LINK TO 443.550), Shoreline ACS RMS Packet Station (Winlink 2000). Freq PL/M Ty Input InpPL Channel Notes; 152.0075 : King Co Fire - Digital Paging, also some medical paging KYK354: 154.965 . (shared channel many tones), United/Continental Airlines KSEA ramp (shared channel many tones), WZR442 *EASTERN RAMP, *ARINC, HAWAIIAN, TRAMCO, DELTA, NORDSTROMS STORE DETECTIVES - SOUTHCENTER, Nordstroms Loss Prevention - Northgate Mall, WASHINGTON ALARM CO. - TELEMETRY BURSTS KBC391, Target - Kent East Hill (Unknown which channel), Ch-02 simplex on FB2 output, NW PROTECTIVE SERVICE (FAIRWOOD AREA) ch.2, 1001 4TH AVE PLAZA BUILDING - SECURITY/ENGINEERING, TRUCKING - TAKING SAWDUST FROM WEYERHAEUSER TO CAMAS, Securetrans (Seattle Housing Authority patrol), Washington State Convention Center; Deli/Kitchen, BANK OF AMERICA TOWER - SECURITY/ENGINEERING, Church of JC LDS (Mormon Temple) @ Bellevue Eastgate, WENTZ ELECTRONICS (2-WAY RADIOS) 888-0939 KNCW875, SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE - SECURITY, COMCAST (AT&T BROADBAND) ch.1 BACKUP REPEATER - ROOSEVELT HILL, COMCAST (AT&T BROADBAND) ch.3 BACKUP - SIMPLEX, American Airlines ramp ops KSEA (used simplex??). 48, TV Ch.5) QUEEN ANNE HILL (NBC), KWOG-DT (RF Ch.50, DTV ch.51) W. TIGER MT. ch.1 (NO LONGER IN USE), NORTHERN LIFE BUILDING (3RD & SPRING) - SECURITY ch.2, Group Health Capitol Hill security/engineering, United Airlines maintenance at KSEA (covers ANA), WG Clark Construction site W31 (12th Ave NE & NE 41st St) (See also KB67544), (COMPUTER ALARM (N) ) *OVERLAKE HOSPITAL, (S OR /) DEL. - MT. 1565 Glendale Avenue View City of Corcoran's most wanted list, including photographs, names, DOB and charges. Official Twitter account of the King County Sheriff's Office in Seattle. MOTOR OIL)*UNOCAL OIL(TACMA)*SHAFFER CRANE(EVRT), UW COMPUTER SCIENCE SERVICES - WIRE PULLERS, FUNTASTIC TRAVELING SHOWS - HAUNTED HOUSE, Loram Railway Maintenance, grinding rails in Puyallup, Snoq Summit- Summit-wide lift maintenance working channel, LAKE WASHINGTON SCHOOL DIST #414 - TRANSPORTATION, Snoq Summit- Summit Learning Center at Alpental, OKS CASCADE INC. View Data Maps Calls for Service Map This map displays, as close to real-time as possible, Police responses from the last 24 hours. MEDICAL SUPPLIES? BNSF's Seattle terminal dispatcher. TRUCKS - ARLINGTON/MILTON - WOODCHIPS - GOING TO A MILL. *INTERSTATE WOOD PRODUCTS 352 (TRUCKERS), Swissport support ops for Emirates (etc.?) SEARCH & RESCUE REPEATER (KING CO ESAR) - SOBIEKSI MT. 21. Area Frequencies. Northeast King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency Learn More 2021 Service Facts Our Mission Is To Be A Caring and Trusted Servant To Those Who Need Help And Those Who Provide Help In 2021, NORCOM answered 283,834 emergency and non-emergency calls, averaging 778 calls a day. PARCELS?, *SEA-TAC MOTOR INN. View Kings County, California police records information, including fees and information on requesting records. KHCV-DT (RF ch.44, DTV ch.45) W. TIGER MT. Find information about Kings County, California Missing Persons Reports including reporting and filing missing person reports, missing person resources, amber alerts, and cases. Click here to see our wiki page for King County, WA, Click here to see FCC frequency listings for King County WA, King Co Fire - Digital Paging, also some medical paging KYK354, KING COUNTY MARS - SIMULCAST/460.550 & TRUNK, KING COUNTY LERN / MUTUAL AID - LINKED TO TRUNK SYSTEM, Enumclaw FD Dispatch / w/ Fire-10 32048 CTCSS not on all units, Eastside Fire Tac-9 (was Training Pool 3), Transit Police Primary: KC Metro and Sound Transit, Zone 3 FD Emergency (3 & 4 patched at ValleyComm), KingCo FZ-1 Fire Dispatch East: Skykomish & Snoqualmie Passes (the one nine oh), ENUMCLAW CITY POLICE DISP (NOW 800MHZ) (ALSO OLD WSP RI), Southfire-10 (Enumclaw FD #28 Disp, 155.880 patch), City of Kent: Police Department Control (PO Control), City of Kent: PSR DOC- Fire Hail- PSR Dispatch, City of Kent: PSR East Battalion- Battalion Control, City of Kent: PSR Central Battalion- Battalion Control, NorCom Dispatch 3 (currently not in use by any city), NorCom Car to Car 3 (currently not in use by any city), NorCom Tac3 (currently not in use by any city), Kirkland, Mercer Island - NorCom PD Car to Car 2, Kirkland, Mercer Island - NorCom PD Dispatch 2, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina - NorCom PD Car To Car 1, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina - NorCom PD Tac 1, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina - Norcom PD Dispatch 1, Normandy Park Police Disp (LINK TO TG 33104) - dispatched by Fife, Port of Seattle Port of Seattle Police TAC-3 Encrypted, Port of Seattle Port of Seattle Police TAC-4 Encrypted, SEATTLE FIRE DEPT. SCHOOL DISTRICT #400 TRANSPORTATION ch.1, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 MAINT/REPAIR FOREMAN, PORT OF SEATTLE TERMINAL 5 RAIL SUPERVISOR, Elliot Grand Hyatt (Ch.2 unknown use) (repeater down 3-2010), RED CROSS - LINK TO 47.46 (ALSO 179.9 PL? The Kings County Police Department maintains detailed records on arrests, investigations, and the actions of police officers and makes many of . Look up sex offenders. #408 - TRANSPORTATION/SECURITY, SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIV. Corcoran. pa produce auction report,

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